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What is TclMML?

TclMML is a Tcl package designed to make it easy to interface with the United States Postal Service's Mailing Online System by using the XML-based Mail Management Language interface.

Coincidentally, much of the USPS MOL system is implemented using Tcl :-). [1, 2]

An Overview of Mailing Online & the Mail Management Language

For several years the USPS has had, on their website, a very easy to use way for people to upload a document, upload a list of intended recipients, and then select various printing options (paper type, b&w vs color, binding, etc.) and pay for it with a credit card.

This great service has gotten even better. Now an XML-based interface to the system is available for software developers to use. This makes automating repeat mailings (newsletters, invoices, marketing materials, etc.) a breeze.

Getting Started

As the Mail Management Language Definition goes on to mention, it is important to be familiar with MOL before attempting to integrate your applications with MOL. Therefore, we highly recommend you visit the USPS Mailing Online website at and familiarize yourself with the wide range of input formats & printing options that are available.

You'll also want to obtain a copy of The Mail Management Language Definition & read through it.

Integrating your applications with MOL using MML is made easier (in our humble opinion) by using TclMML. You just need to:

Package Dependencies

The TclMML package relies on several other Tcl packages & extensions (for XML generation & parsing, SSL communication, etc.).


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